Zero waste slicer for poultry meat

One of the many benefits of KSL DV? A return of the investment in just a few months, thanks to extreme flexibility and efficiency in drastically cutting the waste.

We developed a calculator to give you the chance to quickly and effectively measure the profitability of your investment, based on the field proven results we collected on machines already running worldwide.

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Horizontal slicer for Zero-Waste slicing of poultry meat. For each chicken breast, the KSL-DV automatically decides how many blades to use to slice the product in the ideal thickness without waste.

Save time on mechanical adjustments

Fine-tune your target recipe just through the software. Save time avoiding any manual settings of the machine and quickly try new recipes without the need of ordering and installing new/special parts.

No more fixed slicing sets

KSL DV means maximum flexibility. Decide which thickness you want to slice and fine tune it by adjusting parameters on the screen. Define the target thickness in millimeters or as a percentage of the incoming product, decide to slice either in equal thickness slices or in different thickness slices to better value your product. The only limit is your imagination!

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Minimized product calibration

KSL DV detects the size of the product and automatically adapts the slicing process in order to maximize the yield of the recipe selected.

Let KSL DV decide how many blades to use

Leave your operators free to focus on your core activity and let the KSL DV decide how to maximize your yield! KSL DV can decide to use from 0 up to 6 blades to get the maximum yield out of the product according to the specifications defined by the recipe.

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Field proven slicing quality

KSL DV has proven to deliver a significantly higher slicing quality compared to any other standard horizontal slicer.

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carne di pollo

Field proven yield

KSL DV has demonstrated to constantly deliver a yield equal to or higher than 96%.

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Field proven improvement of the process downstream

The superior quality delivered by KSL DV has proven to create a cleaner handling process downstream with significant labor savings

Stay always connected with the machine

Thanks to a web-based user-friendly interface, maintenance departments and production managers can follow live from their fixed or mobile PC/phones the KSL DV in operation and its live production statistics.

Make maintenance quicker and more effective

Thanks to its diagnostic software, KSL DV helps your maintenance team to be more effective through a constant information flow on running conditions, a quicker identification and resolution of the issues and a better planning of preventive maintenance.

Optimize your productivity

According to the settings defined by the selected recipes, the KSL DV can indicate the productivity you can achieve in relation to the real speed of the line.


Horizontal slicer for zero-waste cutting of poultry meat. For each chicken breast, the KSL DV automatically decides whether to slice the product, how many blades to use and the ideal slicing thickness.

Developed to address the growing demand of poultry processors for automation and flexibility, the KSL DV is designed for zero-waste slicing of poultry meat.

Maximum automation and flexibility in the customer slicing/processing flow;
Maximum yield of the sliced product with no waste;
Minimum to no need of product calibration;
No manual settings of the machine to match the defined recipe;
Excellent slicing quality thanks to the new upper belt;
Remote connection functionality and statistics recording.